BETTIE Loggerhead 
(Caretta caretta)
Admitted 7/07/99
Age:        8-10 years
Weight (Admission):   37.2kg
Weight (Release):  40kg
SCL         67.0cm - 67.4
SCW        53.5cm - 53.8

THE STRANDING This juvenile loggerhead was found on the eastern shore of the North River near Bettie, NC.  There are no external injuries.  Very lethargic but responsive to touch.
THE TREATMENT Once in the KBSTRRC the turtle was placed in shallow water. 
Initial blood tests reveal PCV 28%, glucose 177 mg/dl. 
She was not using her limbs at all. General edema.
On 7/13/99 the turtle was taken to the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine for evaluation. Radiographs revealed no fractures or GI foreign bodies.
There seems to be generalized lower motor neuron disease, possibly caused by toxicity.
Bettie ate on her own today is is moving around in her tank.  A major improvement over one week ago.
9/14 - 9/23
Hurricane Floyd left behind devastating floods.
These flood waters reached the home of volunteers, the Chadwicks,
who were watching over Bettie, JR and Dare.
For the full dramatic story and rescue please see The Hurricane Story.
The Chadwicks were forced to evacuate, leaving the turtles behind.
After four days, the Chadwicks entered the property by boat and rescued all three turtles.
(L)Bettie is in the blue tank, emptied of water and lashed to the barn.
The tanks eventually broke loose as the water rose, and floated freely until stopped by woods.

(R)Bettie is plucked ffom her errant tank and placed in a small carrier for the boat ride out.

UPDATE 10/20/99 This turtle has continued to improve.  Today the Drs. & students from the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine paid a house call.
The turtle was thourghly examained and blood was drawn.  After her hurricane experience we wanted to be sure there was no infection.
Blood tests reveal PCV of 27% and Glucose of 114.
She appears ready for release,
and is tagged in preparation for that.
RELEASED 10/27/99 Bettie was released form Topsail Beach along with Windy, Smyrna & JR.
A short time visitor, she slowly swam away into the sunshine.