(Chelonia Mydas)
Juvenile;  Admitted 11/12/98
AGE: 2-3 yrs  WEIGHT: 4 kg (8.8lbs)  CCL:  31.4cm
THE INJURY This little Green Sea Turtle was found in a pound net in Drum Inlet, near Beaufort, NC, on 11/9/98.  A sting ray spine had lodged in it's throat from the outside.
THE TREATMENT NC State Sea Turtle Project Coordinator Ruth Boettcher removed the
sting ray spine and had local veterinarian Dr. Taylor suture the laceration.
The sea turtle was initially kept out of water due to heavy bleeding.
Thursday Ruth delivered Drum to the KBSTRRC where s/he was received with oohs and ahhs.

Even a Loggerhead lover has to admit they are a bit pretty

THE PROGNOSIS Excellent.  We hope to have Drum less than two weeks.  The sutures are absorbable and it is hoped the sea turtle can be released before winter.
UPDATE 12/15/98 With the passing of time, barbs that had been hidden from view had begun to push out of the throat area.  Drum was taken to the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine where successful surgery was performed to remove the additional barbs.