RIVER Loggerhead 
(Caretta caretta)
Admitted        1/21/2000     Released 6/21/00
Age est:         7-10 years
Weight:          32 kg
Admit                     Release
SCL:   60.0 cm       SCL:  62.0 cm
SCW:  55.0 cm       CCL:  55.0 cm
tag #'s SSP974 and 795
pit # 410B186DOF

THE STRANDING This sea turtle was found near the Brunswick County (NC) steam electric plant's
intake canal, located approximately 6 miles north of the mouth of the Cape Fear River.  The sea turtle suffered from minor cold stunning, has no obvious injuries and seems to be in good condition.
RELEASED 6/21/00
River is accompanied by Dr. Greg Lewbart and others from the College of Veterinary Medicine at NC State; and volunteers from the KBSTRRC.
Outgoing stats:  PCV 34%  Glucose 92mg/dl