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Kemp's Ridley


November 2006
June 2, 2008
Weight  11.5 kg  20.1 kg
SCL:  cm  48.0 cm
SCW:  cm  45.3 cm

Found with blunt force trauma to head.
THE STORY Sima Speaks to  Karen  Sota, our  interviewer.

Karen Sota: Sima, can you stop swimming for a few minutes so we can talk?

Sima: I can talk and swim at the same time. And I just know that if I stop swimming you’re going to grab me and take me to the exam table.

KS: We’re done with that for today, and you get a massage during your medical treatment so stop whining. I only want to talk to you - promise.

S: (Sigh.) I have a bad feeling about this, but all right 

KS: You were in pretty sad shape when you came in a few months ago. What happened?

S: Beats me. One minute I’m minding my own business, poking around for food, and the next thing I know I’m seeing stars. Got conked on the head by something. Never did figure out what it was. 

KS: You got whacked pretty good, all right. You came in with a big piece of your skull missing.

S: And I had a whale of a headache! Get it? Whale of a headache. 

KS: Yeah, I get it. Well your injury was so large we could practically look into your brain and read your thoughts. And those muscles in your head that control your jaw movement were really inflamed. We knew you had to be in a lot of pain.

S: It hurt so much I couldn’t eat and that was really depressing. I LOVE food. 

KS: It’s obvious you’re a turtle gourmand. You’re nice and fat and…

S: Hey - I’m not fat! I’m a fighting weight Kemp’s Ridley, unlike that little football-shaped Nubbin in the next tank. By the way, where did Nubbin learn Spanish? I don’t meet too many loggerheads that can speak my language. 

KS: From a couple of wild and crazy Kemp’s who were our patients last year. It was their idea to teach our patients a second language. Seemed harmless at the time but now we have to serve squid enchiladas at least once a month.

S: I don’t remember getting any… 

KS: That’s because you didn’t want food until that pain medication Dr. Harms put you on kicked in. But once you started eating we couldn’t shovel it in fast enough. We’ve found that our patients who eat the best heal the fastest. You ate – you healed.

S: I’m really happy that scar tissue has covered up the hole and I don’t have to be so worried about bumping my brain on my overflow pipe. Having water sloshing around inside my head was getting pretty annoying, too. Can I ask a question? 

KS: Sure.

S: Why can’t I cry? Even when I’m sad. 

KS: Because the salt gland where your tears come from was damaged in your accident. But that won’t stop you from going home once you’re better.

S: I’m going home! When? 

KS: You still have some healing to do, but it looks like you’re on track with most of your friends here for a June release.  Maybe your namesake, Sima Birach, the nice man who sent the plane to pick up Bay will be on hand to see you off.

S: Do you think he would take me up for a little spin in his plane so I could check out the ocean and plot my course before I head out? 

KS: Uh…

S: Never mind.

DEC 2007
JUNE 2008

Released June 2008