SNEAD: Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)  Admitted 8/9/98
                             AGE 6-9    WEIGHT 60 lb   Gender undetermined
                                                                  Died 9/26/98

one of 5 wounds on Snead

THE INJURY: Snead was observed floating in shallow water in a Sneads Ferry, NC marina. Concerned folks boating in the area called North Carolina Wildlife officials, who then alerted the KBSTRRC.  Volunteers responded immediately and transported  the sea turtle to the KBSTRRC.

Snead has 5 head, neck and carapace cuts consistent with boat propeller injuries. The injuries appear to be several weeks old, demonstrating how long sea turtles can linger with debilitating injuries.

THE CARE: Snead's wounds were flushed with a betadine solution and then again with saline solution. Triple antibiotic ointment was applied, then covered with gauze. Blood was drawn and the PCV value is 27 which is positive. Normal PCV range is 30-40. 
(Compare this with Windy's at 13, up from 8).
THE PROGRESS: Snead was transported to the North Carolina State University College of   Veterinary Medicine.  Here she was attended by Dr. M. Stoskopf and staff.
There is radiographic evidence of skull fractures. Additionally severe lacerations around the jaw and neck.  These wounds were cleaned.  The largest wound was in the neck.  After cleaning, drains were inserted and the wound was sutured.  The right front flipper is dislocated.  It is hoped physical therapy can retrain the muscles in this area so that she will have use of it again.
 UPDATE 9/14: The drain has been removed and the wounds debrided.  She is still not eating on her own and is being fed squid by hand. She is completely unable to submerge.
...and then Saturday she silently passed over to the great sea turtle ocean in the sky.  Mourned and missed quiet one.