TOPPER  Loggerhead
(Caretta caretta)
SUBADULT        Admitted 3/04/99
Approx. AGE       15-17 Years 
WEIGHT             75 kg
CCL                     87.8 cm
CCW                    81.8 cm

THE STRANDING Topper was noticed on North Topsail Beach, NC on March 4, 1999.
 A town employee notified the KBSTRRC that a sea turtle was on the beach, he had observed it for some time and the sea turtle had not moved.
A volunteer responded immediately.  The turtle was alive but quite cold.  It's alittle early for sea turtles in North Carolina, the water temperature about 60F and the air temp on this day about the same.
As she stranded on our island, she was named Topper and transported to the KBSTRRC.

TREATMENT She has no visable injuries. 
Our largest tank was prepared for her. Corncake's old tank.
Her bloodwork shows a PCV of 34 which is very good.
PROGNOSIS Hopefull release with the soon-to-come warm water.