WINDY Loggerhead 
(Caretta caretta)
Admitted 5/31/98
Weight on admission 80 lbs

Weight on discharge 63.5kg (140lbs)
AGE:  10-12 years;          Gender Female
Released 10/27/99

Dead Strand May 9, 2003
North Topsail Beach

Windy on day oneWindy after two weeks
Day One: 5/31/98                                                  After two weeks

THE INJURY OR ILLNESS:    Windy was rescued from the near shore waters of Topsail Island.  Volunteers responded to a phone call from an alert visitor after observing the sea turtle for about 40 minutes.  Project members were able to swim out and retrieve Windy from the water.  The sea turtle was very weak and under weight.  S/he was covered in barnacles, leeches and leech eggs, moss and various other sea life.  Volunteers transported the sea turtle by car six miles to the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.
THE CARE: She immediately received glucose and other fluids from an IP drip.  She was placed in two inches of fresh water.  The fresh water is used to kill the barnacles and leeches attached to the turtle.  After two days in shallow fresh water the sea turtle was placed in a larger tank, in deeper water which she responded to favorably.  For the next two weeks s/he was tube fed once a day with a fish "smoothie".  Included in this drink are antibiotics and vitamins.  Additionally every 3 days an injection of antibiotic is administered into the front flipper. An initial injection of iron was also given.
On 6/15/98 Windy was driven to the NC State University School of Veterinary Medicine.  Here she received an external examination; full set of X-rays (looking for blockages); skin and bone biopsies; and more blood tests.  All of the tests were inconclusive or normal except for one blood test which would seem to indicate non regenerative anemia.  We will see what the next few weeks bring.
 To the delight of the staff, Windy is eating on her own and able to remain submerged.
          She's a beautiful turtle.  11/98      Growth appears over winter 4/99
THE PROGNOSIS: She is monitored closely for any and all signs of recovery.  She has proved to be quite a fighter.
 As recently as 7/1 the PCV blood test, registering well below the threshold,  shows no further decline.
 THE PROGRESS: GOOD NEWS!  On 8/4/98 Windy's blood was drawn for another
PCV test.   The value has risen from 8 to 13. 
That is almost up to the lowest it should be.
The staff all gave a cheer.
UPDATE 9/10/98: PCV blood test shows an increase from 13 to 17.  More cheers!
She also has a noticeable weight gain.
UPDATE 11/12/98: PCV blood test shows an increase to 20.  What a turtle!
UPDATE 4/15/99: Two steps forward, one step back
.Over the last few months a growth has formed on the top of Windy's neck. This will have to be removed before she can be released.
UPDATE 6/02/99: Jenny, of the NC State University, College of Veterinary Medicine,
removes the lump from Windy's neck, which proves to be benign.
This will delay her release so the area can be further observed.  PCV
value increases to healthy 34
.Click on photo if you dare
UPDATE 10/20/99: The good folks from the NC State University, Collage of Veterinary Medicine, pay a visit. One of the many tasks includes discharging 
Windy.  Dr. Craig Harms examines the "lump" area and pronounces her fit for release.
UPDATE 10/27/99: Windy, along with SMYRNA, BETTIE AND JR, was quietly released October 27, 1999.
Much celebrated
May 9, 2003
An otherwise healthy Windy is found dead on North Topsail Beach, 3.5 years after release.
She was sub-adult size and just shy of maturity as measured by data collected during a necropsy.
She was a favorite of mine, pulled from the ocean with my hands, released to the wild by my hands, and now, measured and marked  for burial by my hands.  This one was personal.

Tipping the scales equally, Windy says good-bye (and good riddance) to webmaster after 17 months.

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1)Windy eyes situation;  2,3)Brady, Beth  & Terry give a lift; 4)Windy swims of  after 17 mos., doesn't look back.

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