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Visiting Hours: We are closed to the public.  See below for additional information. Thank you.

Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center Life

Forty or so sea turtles. That’s a lot to care for. Different diets, and  personalities. Different medicines, vitamins and wound care regimes.  Continuous monitoring of intake and output, water quality and temperature;  flushing and cleaning and redirecting of water pipes. Laundry, laundry, laundry.
Our volunteers handle these duties and many more every day, changing hats from feeders and cleaners and medical care givers to ambassadors and educators, administrators and fund raisers.

The first volunteers arrive each morning around 7 AM to begin food and  medication preparation, followed soon after by a highly dedicated team of folks who will proceed to:

  • Feed each to turtle according to needs and yes, wants – they can be choosy eaters too
  • Scoop clean each tank
  • Administer to the special needs of each turtle
  • Refill each tank
  • Wash, dry, fold and stack towels, repeat, repeat, repeat
  • Physically prepare the building for visitors in the afternoon
  • Introduce the public to the patients and the facility
  • Open up to the public
  • Close to the public
  • Clean up, scoop tanks, probably one more thing, go home

It takes many people each day to keep the place running smoothly.  It’s often difficult and hot work, not to mention dirty and smelly.  The rewards are plentiful and where you find them, the look in the turtles eyes, their eager and able return to the sea.