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Visiting Hours: We are closed to the public.  See below for additional information. Thank you.

Turtle Tours for Groups

Make your next field trip one that no one will forget! We recently greeted Wounded Warriors from around the world thanks to the USO.

Thanks to the USO for visiting with warriors from Columbia, France and the UK.

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Intern at the Karen Beasley

Sea Turtle & Rehabilitation Center


An internship offers students the opportunity to work hands on with endangered and threatened sea turtles.

There are two types of Summer Internships:  junior (two weeks for high school and post high school students) and twelve weeks (for college students).  Housing is provided for the twelve week program; other expenses are the responsibility of the intern.  For the junior internship, parents are responsible for housing & other expenses.

Work at the center for the 12-week internship includes, but not limited to the following:

  • Preparing and distributing food
  • Cleaning tanks
  • Bathing and treating turtles who need medical treatments
  • Maintaining cleanliness of the building (includes sweeping, mopping, disinfecting rails, and windows (especially in sick bay)
  • Working with the water system
  • Administration of some medications under the Director’s supervision
  • Introducing the public to sea turtles, ocean conservation and the goals of the hospital, during afternoon visiting hours
  • Supervise camp groups and other special groups that visit the hospital

Life as an Intern at our Sea Turtle Center

The work schedule for interns is 5 & 1/2 days per week, Wednesday afternoon and Sunday are free.  A daily schedule always includes morning food and vitamin preparation, and feeding of all sea turtles in residence. Feeding is followed by cleaning the tanks and providing care to the individual sea turtles as needed.  This might involve medical and/or special feeding procedures and  medication administration. Five days per week the center is open to visitors, four hours in the afternoon.  During this time interns have the opportunity to introduce our visitors to the sea turtles in residence, explain the injuries, ailments and prognosis; the background and operation of the Center.  Mentorship of summer camp participants who assist in a variety of activities is another aspect of the internship.

The junior internship includes supporting the work of the 12-week interns, especially cleaning tanks, feeding turtles, assisting in the bathing of turtles, cleanliness of the hospital and assisting with open houses for the public.  This is an opportunity to learn and experience working with sea turtles and sharing information about conservation.

Some days will also include beach survey work early in the morning, locating and identifying sea turtle tracks, and the relocation of nests when necessary. Some nights will include searching for nesting females and nest sitting in anticipation of a nest emergence, and post hatch nest data collection.